First Friday Of The Month

Friday, the day of the week on which Our Lord died on the cross is of great significance in the life of every Christian. The first Friday of every month is observed as a solemn day for prayer and penance at the Edappally Church. People from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed and religion come in a steady stream to the church seeking the intercession of the saint who protects them from deadly diseases, epidemics and snakebites, The devotion towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a speciality of Edappally. Confessions and holy masses commence at 5.30am and continue up to 6.30pm, The faithful participate in these masses and special prayers and seek the saint's blessings for their physical and spiritual well-being.

Programme Of First Friday

5.45 am Holy Mass
7.00 am Holy Mass
9.00 am Holy Mass
10.30 am Holy Mass
12.00 pm Holy Mass (Latin Rite)
3.30 pm Holy Mass
5.00 pm Holy Mass
7.30 pm Holy Mass