St. George's Forane Church is located in the city of Kochi, close to the junction of National Highway 47 and National Highway 17. It is accessible by road from any part of India. The nearest airport is Nedumbassery International Airport, hardly 22 km from Edappally. Every day thousands of devotees belonging to all religions and castes come to the church. They come to the Saint's abode to thank him for the favours received, or for seeking protection from all dangers and disasters. They thank him from the bottom of their hearts for miraculous cure and for protection from snake bites. He guards all those who pray ardently to him. It is a hallowed place of worship for millions.

The Shrine On Main Road

The statue of St. George is placed for veneration in a small shrine in front of the church by the side of Main Road. It is indeed a moving sight to see motorists of passing vehicles, kings and commoners alike, stopping their vehicles in front of the statue of the mighty Saint to pay homage to the Saint. They bow their heads, close their eyes, seek protection from accidents, put money in the offering box and go away. Everyday hundreds of vehicles from all over Kerala, both new and used, are brought here to be blessed. On the Feast Day of St. George (April 23), there is a beautiful ceremony in the church at which thousands of vehicles gather in front of the church and are blessed at different times of the day.